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Star Trek has never left sexuality "out of it"...Kirk always bagged the babe...heck, Spock bagged a babe and McCoy married a babe (can we assume bagging?).

It's so fun when people who support a show which is unabashedly supporting of heterosexual indulgence say "can't we just be neutral?"...

Star Trek has never been neutral on sexuality, it's been very aggressively in favor of sex, lots of it, regardless of, it's about time it owned up the issue of same gender sex.

I will take a moment to say I recall a DS9 episode that did address the issue very nicely. Of course, it was girl on girl so that's always easier for the dudes, huh?

However, I think the franchise does deserve to have it acknowledged that they've dealt with the issue (to the point of having the characters kiss on screen and express their love...pretty good!).

But, until they tackle men engaged in a homosexual relationship, they will be cowards.

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