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They could lose me.
I am not a supporter of the Gay life style nor advertising it. It's not necessary at all.
I really don't think it's conspicous to leave them out but it really is to add them.

I don't mind the activity off screen but the influence isn't necessary. If people turn out gay then so be it...but advertising sex in any way is wrong screen...we really don't need to go down this avenue.

There are alot of people Like myself that watch trek because it has more conservative values...making homosexuality a common occurence in Trek would lead me to leave it behind with a strong sense of moral direction. You see the world maybe changing it's moral temperture but mine will stay the same and I'll teach the same values to my children as were for myself. I'll always be non violent in those views but watching it and indulging it as entertainment. That's as much no, no for Christians as murder, sex before marriage, adultry...

Essentially morrality will change because people want to have as little limitations as possible. That's a selfish motive I just don't prescribe to.