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Glacial...That bratty Crusher kid in TNG (Star Trek: The Next case the blissful ignorance is so deep as to not know about the series along with not knowing about one it's major characters)...we saw him being trained for command and it wasn't at any school...

Mission, the show clearly states that the mission with the Farragut was his first deep space mission (which is what I posted) unless there is some suspicion that Spock lies. It would seem that you agree with me that it's unlikely that Spock and Kirk would have been at the academy together.

While I'm long past the idea that the movie will be about "Spock, Kirk and the gang at the Academy" I suspect that is the conflict the original post referred to. That's why I posted what I posted. Otherwise, there's nothing in Obsession that could have anything to do with the new movie.

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