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Originally Posted by Elizadolots View Post
I think the biggest problem it presents is that having been Kirk's first deep space mission....11 years prior to the Enterprise discovering the cloud being... That combined with Spock having been a Star Fleet Officer for 18 years (as stated in The Enterprise Incident, I believe they are from the same season) throws a huge honking monkey wrench into the idea the "boys" were at the Academy together and going out on their first voyages together...
I'm a little puzzled by pieces of this, maybe I'm misreading something?

From sources I can find, the Tycho IV 'vampire cloud' incident was not Kirk's first mission... perhaps his first "deep space" mission, if that's an important clarification. In any case, the Encyc dates the Tycho incident in 2257, whereas Kirk graduated SFA and signed aboard the Farragut in 2254.

In any case, I agree with the concept that Spock and Kirk would seem to have spent little time together in their Academy years, for a few reasons: if Spock begins serving aboard the Enterprise in 2252, he's only at the actual Academy "campus" for at most two years after Kirk enlists (2250) and is an upperclassman over Kirk.

At any rate, Spock is off zipping around on the E with Pike starting 2252, and meanwhile Kirk is serving as an ensign aboard the Republic at the same time. Different ships, presumably not serving in proximity for the two to be buddy-buddy.

Kirk graduates and serves as a lieutenant on the Farragut starting 2254, while Spock is embroiled in the action depicted in "The Cage." Kirk is nowhere to be found in that episode, of course.

Or maybe Abrams and writers have a different idea all together!

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