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Default Dollhouse DvD Review

Contains every episode aired on Fox-twelve. And two unaired episodes-the unaired original pilot, and the unaired season finale. I now know why. The original pilot wasn't anywhere nearly as good as the aired pilot. It gives away too much too soon, and includes the shooting of a main character before the audience has had a chance to get to know and like the character. The unaired season finale is also something the first season could have done without. It is a bleak look at an apocalyptic future that reveals details about what happened to the fates of the dolls, the dollhouse. It was written and produced in anticipation that the series would not be renewed, to offer closure for the fans. But the show was renewed for a second season, at least partly. There are special features included like a documentary titled, Making Dollhouse, and featurettes that i have yet to see. The packaging is nothing special and no booklet of episode summaries is involved. Some of the episodes have commentaries, and there are episode, but not scene menus. I give it 3 to four stars.
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