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Originally Posted by DammitJim View Post
true, put I did mean just the crew without a ship at all.

can anybody think of a story for a planetbound crew or what could be the reason they are without the Enterprise????
Well, it's been done -- I don't recall whether it's been done in Star Trek, but...

They wake up amnesiac in San Francisco circa 1941. Sulu is seized and taken to an internment camp for Japanese-Americans. Kirk and McCoy are both beat cops. No sign of Spock. Chekov is a foreign correspondent for a Moscow paper, part of an exchange program that had foreign correspondent Walter Duranty in Moscow, but Chekov is Duranty's counterpart over here. Uhura is assigned by the San Francisco Chronicle to be Chekov's translator. At a public launch of a new Naval battleship that Montgomery Scott worked on as part of the U.S./U/K. lend-lease program, with Kirk and McCoy keeping the crowd under control and while Chekov and Uhura are on scene for the paper, a Starfleet shuttlecraft buzzes the ship and the crowd, piloted by Spock. Our Starfleet crew's memories are triggered by the sight of the shuttle but they don't regain them fully. The story kicks into gear with them trying to puzzle out who they are, what they have in common and the meaning of the impossible aircraft they saw -- to figure it out, they go looking for Spock and then have to free Sulu all the while trying to figure out how to get home.
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