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If drinking earl grey is the ticket to becoming cultured i think i'll remain a barbarian though.
It's not just the tea, he knows literature, is interested in operas (ST8), classic music, archaeology, is quite educated, knows a lot, can behave very well, is a very eloquent orator....
Besides he always answers for freedom, civil rights and justice where it is necessary. Picard was the best symbol for Roddenberry's "evolved, enlightened " mankind that especially was shown in TNG. Though he of course isn't perfect, too.

Not sure where Kirk rushed in where angels fear to tread but i would be happy to hear of any examples.
He never feared to do what was necessary, even when it would break rules or create future problems. (like stealing a starfleet ship or comparing Chang to Hitler). He also didn't fear any struggle and even fought one vs. one against the cruelest Aliens.
Though he surely wasn't an idiot, no idiot becomes the youngest Captain ever. But he was the Cowboy, Picard the diplomat/strategist.

I do remember Picard ramming the enterprise into another ship without taking any safety manouvers. That would have killed a lot of his crew,
Nemesis in gerneral wasn't the picard we used to see. Just think of the vehicle he drives. Maybe he visited Ba'ku for too long, he behaves like a teenager in Nemesis.

Should have just beamed data over to grab shizon then beam them back onto the enterprise.
Transporter wasn't working.
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