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You know every time I hear some rant about how this is canon and this is not... I want to shoot them out of a cannon! This is TREK, right? Since when has there ever actually been any form of canon in this genre? Spock had an ancestor who married a human, and then it was his father who married a human! Klingons... ridges? No ridges? Whatever..... We really need to stop this obsession with CANON! Damn it Jim! Hell Cochrane was from Alpha Centauri and then he was from Montana? Well there is a 4 light-year shift in galactic geography! Come on people, it is a TV show... A 40 year old TV show... Shut up, sit back and enjoy the ride already.... Even if this new ride makes it so you need a barf bag to get through it... It is TREK... love it, or leave it!
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