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Originally Posted by Zardoz View Post

This is the first i have ever heard of that.
Haha -- that's because it's ''my'' Star Trek universe in STSOP (see banner link). I wish I could make the script available again but it's under option until late this year. It could still be ''floating around'' out there somewhere but ''officially'' I cannot provide it.

It's a sweeping/epic tale that Star Trek (so far) has never undertaken throughout its forty-some year franchise history. The center of the story is the life-long friendship between Kirk and Mitchell and secondarily it's a father-son story between James Tiberius and his father. There's also a love story arc between James T. and a woman named Annie.

Basically it's a tale of friendship, love, loyalty, family, hope, intrigue and destiny that will make you laugh, cheer and cry.

Interestingly enough, some four years ago I was set up for a meeting at Paramount to pitch ''tentpole'' ideas, and among my ideas I was going to toss out ''my little Star Trek idea'' as well. I was already pitching at Enterprise and it seemed like the ''end of the road'' for Star Trek. Terms like ''franchise fatigue'' were circulating. My idea was to ''go back to the source'' of Star Trek, but not necessarily to the TOS era -- rather the time leading up to it. I also knew that it was time for Star Trek to get the budget and scope it deserved among the ''pillars'' of cinematic science fiction. Obviously Paramount ''saw'' that too and thus we have a wonderful movie coming out a couple summers hence. As for my meeting -- as often happens in the industry, the execs I was to meet were ''shuffled out.''

So what becomes of STSOP? Our producer would love to realize it as a mini-series event on CBS but if not, it is our hope to produce the most ambitious independent not-for-profit ''fan'' project ever undertaken. As JJ Abrams himself said in so many words during a presentation, the tools and technology are there for anyone to realize their creative vision. Just look at what the folks at Star Trek New Voyages (now ''Phase Two'') are doing. That's just the tip of the iceberg of possibilities.

Meanwhile, another author (Glenn Smith/The Call of Duty) and I are also novelizing STSOP.

So, we'll see...
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