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Originally Posted by MissionTrek08 View Post
I agree with you... as long as they feature other planetary sites as you mention, and avoid doing what TNG films did, where they shot on location to shoot on location, and every planet looked like Northern California or Thousand Oaks.

Though I wouldn't mind seeing a quick location shot at the infamous Vasquez Rocks again, just for fun. But would it be the same without the Gorn?
Exactly!!!You guys got it. Everything looks too...Earth like...I wanna see different planets a different sky...A planet with rings in the sky...Just because it's about space travel it doesn't mean we can't take the camera over a vast cityscape with transports and ships in orbit.Let me tell you Star Wars DID make that look good. Coruscant was BUSY...I wanna see something a little similar...satelites... stations and ships, sky bridges... Massive sky scrapers...It would make the movie beautiful and incredibly cinematic...Image getting an oscar for that...BLOW you minds with that kind of CGI!

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