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Default Any classic movie fans here??

Some of you probably know that I help administrate a message board devoted to classic movies called The Golden Age of Hollywood. Over the weekend I started a new social network for classic film fans and I'd like to invite any members who love classic films and the stars and directors who made them to come by and join. I'd love to get as many classic film buffs and lovers on the network as possible.

The network allows you much like Facebook, or Myspace, to set up your own personal page. You can add pics, videos, music and blogs. You can customize the look to fit your personality. You can even start subgroups within the network. For instance, if you wanted to start a Humphrey Bogart fan club you could. Or fans of Sci-Fi or anything else related to classic films. Come join and check it out. I think you will really enjoy the site.

If you do join add Ktrek as one of your friends will ya? Here is the link to the network:

aka Ktrek
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