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Originally Posted by FanWriter45 View Post
George Bush. (Not just anyone can be instralled as president, ignore the intel warnings, sit reading "My Pet Goat" for 7 minutes while the country is under attack (which, for all we knew, might have been a feignt for a nuke strike) use the attack as an excuse to attack the wrong country, kill hundreds of thousands of people, drain the treasury of the most wealthy nation in the history of mankind, withold vital medical research from being done for political reasons, and bring the US into being condemned by the rest of the world as a "torture state." All in just seven short years... and STILL have 25% of the US population think he's "doing a good job."

"Does that seem right to you?" -Jubal Early "Firefly"
Hmmm, not a Bush fan I see.

I would catogorize Bush as Darth Sidious.
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