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Originally Posted by Saquist View Post
Kirk sort of broke the rules on several Janeway said he would have been thrown into the brig in the 24th century with all he did.
Exactly my point, S. Kirk was THE best captain for his time, but not for the next century.

Could Picard have negotiated his way out of the Romulan dogfight in "Balance of Terror"? No way, because the Romulans wanted to destroy the Enterprise, no questions asked, and return to their planet, period. To survive, Picard would have had to do exactly what Kirk already did.

Besides, Kirk was not a smooth diplomatist at all, but how many times did he negotiate truces and lay groundwork for an end to immediate hostilities? Example: in "By Any Other Name," making the Kelvins see the opportunity to colonize planets in Federation space vs. conquering the galaxy... in a simplistic way, very much the Borg predicament for Picard, but without all the weapons hardware. Kirk 'won' by recognizing and employing human psychology (with all its faults) as a 'weapon' against a vastly superior species whose technology was unbeatable.

Kirk was captured at first, but he never got assimilated into a hexagon of chalk.... so take that, Jean-Luc!

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