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Right, we'll get to see McCoy and Spock build that relationship from which their character-based humor arises: Spock's cold logic utterly perturbing McCoy's humanist side, and McCoy's passionate opinions irk Spock's sense of logical decorum. In the example I cited, McCoy doesn't make the green-blooded reference as an insult or some species-based racism, but instead it's a recurring commentary on Spock's "unfeeling" logical approach to matters. In the context McCoy uses it, I always read it as a synonym for "cold blooded"... Bones sees it as a personality flaw in Spock, not the basis for a bigoted insult.

As Eliza wisely pointed out, these two characters and friends "work" because they each challenge the other's outlook on the galaxy. It's a friendly contention which is never-ending, and thus ready to mine for drama and humor from the beginning by Abrams and the writers.

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