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Question Hidden? NCC-1701 Shipyard Cams

Was really surprised no one else posted anything about this... well, that I've seen anyways.

I have to admit I love the teaser at the official movie website. I was, however, curious about the little red light by the UNDER CONSTRUCTION text... so I clicked on it. popped up revealing 4 flash videos and "Shipyard NCC-1701".
3 of the movies are out of focus, while a fourth is static. You can only see 3 of them at any time you refresh the site, but if you do refresh, it will give you the opportunity to see the one that was static previously. It also looks like there might be 2 more in the future.

So on 3 of the "camera views" it seems like you can adjust the images to be "focused" by sliding a little bar or toggling some numbers. I guess the goal is to get the little indicator next to each video to "100%". As I've said you only can do 3 of the four, that is, unless you refresh the site.

I don't mean to spoil the fun for anyone but here are the numbers for the cameras to get them to 100%:

Cam 01: 564
Cam 02: 125
Cam 03: 955
Cam 04: 289

So what do you think... what's the purpose of this website?
Are the number clues to another website unlocking yet more secrets?
Are the numbers really coordinates in Google Earth that show an overhead view of the Enterprise being built on Earth?
Did anyone else know about this?
Is it just a waste of time?

Thanks for your input.

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