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Originally Posted by Saquist View Post
That's not the point...It's not on US to put out a good movie.
It's on them. I would never want a bad movie to suceed just because it's trek.
That's an awful bias. I could never support that.
I think you miss my point, or I should reword it: it's in fans' best interest for this to be a good movie which deserves to make a lot of money by attracting a large audience and inspiring return viewings because it's that good.

I wasn't implying fans should "force" the film to be successful just because it's TREK. Not only is that a stupid idea, but clearly it doesn't work either, if NEMESIS is any judge.

The better film they make, the more new fans it will draw, the more old fans it will draw...the more profitable it is, and so the higher the chances the franchise will continue.

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