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ive been a regular on this site and ive really enjoyed my time here. However i have to say that this is the most frustrating site ive belonged to because of loggin in difficulties.

ive about 250 posts in total but would have liked to have contributed far more but for the problems of loggin in i would have. Every time i go to log in acknowledges that im a registered member but the moment i clicking from page to page it says i need to log in to post anything. i go back to the front page and despite numerous attempts it comes up as needing to log in. most of the time the 'you do not have permission to post' comes up.

its not always like it but it happens very frequently. a lot of the time i just give up and just view the posts without trying to post a reply much as id like to. i was successful tonight so thought i would send it now while i had the chance.

sorry to feed this negative back to you guys. its a great site and i hope it remains online until the 2nd movie!!


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