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Originally Posted by Saquist View Post
Sinister? Really?!

Heres what I understand.
They don't do military service.
They're non political.
They don't do self defense measures.
They don't celebrate holidays
And they're always the first into a desaster zone.

Now if you prefer the Crusades and Holly Wars I can understand your aversion.

Mormon's (Propperly called the Church of Jesus Christ and Latter Day Saints) do two years of preaching work.
Some still practice plural marriage.
They believe in blood atonement.
They also believe in the United Order which is an ideal of equality and self sufficiency.

Mormons seem very benign. I've talked to them many times.
Lets not find reasons to hate people for hates sake.
Or don't do here. This is a very benign thread. People have really gone out of the way to be accomodating.
Whole knows what would happen on the Earth if people were more accomodating. would be like the paradise the Federation portrays Earth to be.
I have personal experience of certain religious organisations. I posted some details of what I was talking about but I deleted it for these reasons:

It was too personal to post in a public space.
My comments would be offensive to others.

The word "sinister" was chosen quite deliberately in light of my personal experiences but your point is well taken. When people have views ranging from "religion makes no sense" to "I believe Jesus is coming back soon to rule with all the Saints in a new world government for a thousand years" - there is going to be very little common ground between them. If I have been the one to cause the thread closure, I apologise to everyone on here.
However, I understood the thread topic to be "religion on the forum" not "uncritical celebration of my chosen faith"?
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