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Originally Posted by Kiko Kea View Post
Thanks for posting this, JSyder- it is terrific news!
So, if the manuscript is due in October, we might see it by next summer? Or, is that wishful thinking?
Actually, there was confirmation that there will be 4 books next year!

"Refugees" by Alan Dean Foster
No details, except that the ‘refugees’ are not the Vulcans.

"Seek a Newer World" by Christopher Bennett
Enterprise on a "world-building" mission, but again not the Vulcans.

"More Beautiful than Death" by David Mack
Finally, this one will deal with the Vulcans remaining after the destruction of their home planet.

Untitled 4th New Star Trek Movie era book
The fourth book is not yet under contract, so no details are available, but it will possibly be a Scotty story.
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