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Originally Posted by LCARS 24 View Post
Well, that YouTube representation does look good. Nice design. Is that different from your design somehow?
Thank you.
It's a work in Progress. The original design had Multivector assault mode. Three ship in one. This design in the video shows the three ships...A Bridge Ship with a Pair of warp engines, The Suacer Section and the Star Drive.

After I started the MSD I found that the space was insufficient for docking latches for three ships so I left it out. I was having misgivings anyway about that.

I'm not satisfied with certain areas of the ship. The underside of the nacelles and the connection between the Saucer and the Star Drive troubles me...but I think I've solved that in the new plans.

Speaking of the MSD. I'm done with the detailed Cross-Section

Enigma Cross-Section

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