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Originally Posted by sir num nums View Post
Their is a DVD movie coming out on March 11. However, I do not know if it is an all new movie (SG-1 cast) or just parts taken from other episodes.
It's a new movie, tying up the main storyline of the last few seasons. They left it open ended at the series finale, probably hoping to relaunch the series.

Yeah, I remember seeing Stargate in the theatre and liked it alot. I didn't get into the tv shows until they came on scifi. Everytime I saw it, it just looked so campy and not at all in line with the feel of the movie, but it grew on me and I watch both shows regularly, but it is a different animal than the movie. One thing I'll say for both shows, the effects are amazing, some of the best SPFX on tv. I'd say the two stargate shows and the new Galactica have the best FX on tv right now.

I'm looking forward to the two movies they are making, another comes out later in the year. Check out this trailer, looks pretty good!

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