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Default Religion on the Forums.

Recently a thread was taken down about a JW and he or she was wondering why it was removed. I knew why it was removed. It sort of peaked my intrest again concerning Paramount's position on religion. It's not the first time this has occured. Months ago a site about fellowshiping Christians was taken down aswell.

I understand that these threads were removed because of the propensity of these threads to be volatile. The Evolution Thread was a similar situation.

Previously, I was even cited a reprimand for words that were too critical of the details of homosexuality. (to which I do regret) They were not diplomatic.

Perhaps the forum could use clarification the use of religion in topical discussion. Is it strictly forbidden? Are threads on religion merely discouraged or may there be small discussion on that line in unrelated threads.

This is an intrest to many of us Trek Fans who just happen to have a religon.

Thank you for any response in advance.

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