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On the other hand, while I know that many people find Klingons attractive, I find the Klingon look and typical behaviour a huge turnoff. I never even found Worf sexy and was surprised to see how handsome Michael Dorn is in real life - and Worf is probably the best of them, since he looks like he takes care of personal hygiene and does not act like a drunken moron. :-D But most Klingons, I'm afraid, just look like and act like neanderthals. Not to mention that they'd bore me to death talking about honor. Ugh. Not even a promise of rough sex could ever make up for that.

I know many people will disagree, but I prefer this: to this:
although it's definitely much, much better than this (thank god they realized they needed to give him a less unattractive makeup!):
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