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The current Enterprise CVN-65 in the U.S. Navy has been in service for 50 years. So it's no stretch for a ship to be in service for so long a period. But with only two captains prior to Kirk? Ships may last a long time, but captains, not so much. A five year term on one ship is about max for a captain in most fleets, after that, he either moves on to another vessel, or into the admiralty if he's particularly unfortunate. Boy Star Trek sure got one thing right. The thing about the admiralty always wanting to decommission and scrap perfectly good ships just because they're a bit old or obsolescent. Many of the greatest ships that ever sailed perished that way, when they should have been preserved as museums. You know, i've discovered something in my life, and that is this: that just because something is obsolete, doesn't mean it doesn't still function perfectly, just as it was designed to do.
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