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I was about to make a post asking specifically about the missing screensaver and low and behold, there is already a thread on it.

I guess that means its a no go, the film may be on its way out of theatres now.

Would have been nice though, especially if there were options to use the latest graphics frameworks that many of us have built into our video cards.

The perfect option would have been an immersive scene built around directx 9 and or 10 showing the Enterprise traveling at warp. I wonder how well our modern cards could actually render such a scene in real time?

I have an ati 4850, very modest, but still a decent card. I have seen some truly impressive 3d renderings in real time on similar cards in todays games, even an older one like Eve Online has some truly impressive visuals.

So I was looking forward to the 3d masters far better than most of us to actually put something star trek and cool out there to feast on.

Ah well. But maybe all is not lost. Maybe one of the engineers has some spare time and would be allowed to get something out, maybe it could be a teaser/promo for the next movie.

Hope springs eternal.
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