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Originally Posted by Kiko Kea View Post
While I enjoy TOS novels, I would love to have novels placed in the new timeline, too. I'm doubtful, though- publishing books before several movies are out would cause problems as far as canon goes.
Don't hold your breath for any novels based in the new timeline.

One of the problems with the tight secrecy during the filming of Star Trek XI was that Pocket Books really couldn't plan any tie-in novels with the movie (the novelization was only given the greenlight two months or so before the film was released and Alan Dean Foster had to write like mad to get it done in time--and he had the benefit of working from a finished script instead of having to come up with everything from his own imagination).

Right now, Pocket Books is pretty much focusing on stuff from the original timeline--because they really had no choice when it came time to schedule their releases for this year.
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