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spokthecool, I was an 'ugly duckling' all through school, until 11th grade...then all of a sudden, I had guys asking me out everyday, and I just could not believe they were sincere. I blew them off, but a few of them decided they still liked me, and we became good friends. I had always had a few girls that were friends, and most of them ended up dating the boys that joined my group. I still never hung out after school, though...all of my friends lived too far away to make it easy to hook up after school, was why.

In spite of not dating, I did become 'popular'... not because I was pretty, or smart, but because the people who took the time to get to know me found out that once I considered you a friend, I would have your back, no matter what. I never pretended to be anything; I let people know that if they did not like something about me or one of my friends, then they should go find other people to talk to. I still am not 'pretty' in the magazine style, but I got elected Homecoming Queen, my senior year...even though it had always gone to a cheerleader before, the entire school thought enough of me to pick me, even though I never even tried to get 'in' with the jocks and cheerleaders.

My point is, I stayed true to myself, and let people decide whether they wanted to be my friend without trying to get them to like me. It turned out that I had more true friends than I thought, so hang in there, I'm sure that as long as you stick to being your own person, eventually some of those kids will realize that you are worth knowing, just for what makes you special, and THEY will not care whether you are the 'prettiest' or 'most popular' girl or not.

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