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I'm in media arts... I must have seen this movie about 4 times.
There's a saying:

The first time you read/watch something it's for the entertainment value.
The second time, the characters and world become alive
The third time the story becomes your own.

I recently purchased the ST:ToS. I unfortunatly don't belong to the generation that had the wonderful experience of watching it when this was new and completely over-the-head futuristic.

It's amazing how they have kept all the small ticks and quirks and maneurism and figure of speach of each character. Alot of detail and work went into it.

As a person in her 20s and of the younger generation of Trekkies this made a fine job of re-mixing the old into something that will attract younger viewers to the series *and* also please the older fans by seeing some of their favorite characters re-brought to life.

All-in-all a wonderful cinematographic triumph for the series. One which I dearly hope they will pursue with another!
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