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I really want you to stop necroing these shoe-whoring threads. Either you're trying to sell them, or... well, let me draw you a picture. A man sits cross-legged on a wooden stool. He is in a room, its walls unpainted. A dim lightbulb swings above him, imparting an eerie life - or at least, a creeping movement - to the many shadows, a pair of which hide his eyes. He cradles a pair of tabi, lovingly, gently, as one would a tiny child. He sings to them - a lullaby. Such a soft sound.

Then he sees you. The lullaby ends. His mouth slides open, exposing rows of metallic, razor teeth. And then there is nothing.

So which is it? Are you trying to flog these shoes, or do you harbour an obsession bordering on insanity?

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