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Originally Posted by spokthecool View Post
when your gf askes if that other girl looks better then her do you

A. say no she would never be as cute as you!

B. well, it depends

C. maybe. . . . jk

D. what comes from the heart

F. none of the above
G. It better be the very first thing that comes to mind...we girls can tell when you are lying, and that will piss us off more than anything else. IF I was to ask me Boyfriend that question, he would tell me that yes, he thinks she is pretty, beautiful, etc... but then he would also make sure I know that he wants me first. I do not ask trick questions like that, so he knows he better be honest with me, no matter what.

I know that even though my man loves me, that does not mean he will not look at other women. I love him, but I still look at other men...even point them out to him as example of what I do or don't like, he does the same with women he sees; we have no problem with one of us saying "Wow, did you see that gorgeous girl/handsome man?" How else are we supposed to learn what the other looks for in their companion? When he points out a girl, and says something about her hair, eyes, body, or clothes, that lets me now what turns him on or nnot. then I can try to look like or dress like what he noticed, and he does the same for me. we both understand that looking and commenting do not always mean we are thinking of is just a way to communicate how and what we feel about aspects of ourselves we would like to see.

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