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True but remember this is a Stealth ship.
So it's strongest Fire Power is to the rear.

I shouldn't neglect to mention that it does have 4 forward Photon Launchers in the Secondary hull. But anytime you can make the enemy dodge...YOU gain Distance from them and opportunity to escape.

The Enigma (The first ship) is almost purely recon. It opperates in active stealth and while the Active stealth is online the shield opperate at only 20 percent of maximum. Under Passive Stealth the shields are completely shut down.

If the Enigma every has to go to full Battle the ship will seperate and discard Stealth completely brining it's powerful forward Gun and 6 forward tubes to bear. At that point the Saucer can decided to assist, return to Stealth and Flee or wait for the conclussion of the engagement.

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