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4 aft and 2 forward. You really like to cover your *** then lol.

In battle I would keep my bow on the enemy.(like Riker said in Nemesis). It looks like this ships strongest offense is to attack while fleeing.

But in a real battle where fighting is absolutely necessary I would want to put the 4 in front to make a stronger offensive strike if I were to go on an aggressive offense.

What do you want the purpose of this ship to be though.

If it is primarily an escort ship then the 4 aft/2 forward makes sense, because on an escort mission attacking while fleeing is the best overall strategy.

If it's a security ship then the 4 forward/2 aft makes sense, as security ships are morel likely to be in pursuit of a fleeing enemy.

Depends on what you want the purpose of the ship to be I guess.

But like you said it's modular so maybe it the entire apparatus can be swapped out when the ship is commissioned for certain tasks.

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