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Originally Posted by MrQ1701 View Post
That's some pretty cool stuff, Saq!!

I should have kept up with ACAD. I took a few years of it in high school. I got up to 3d modeling and used mesh and polygons. It was '95 and I used ACAD 14 !!

I have some military benefits I can draw on and I was thinking about getting a degree in drafting, the only problem is I would have to do it through internet based classes. I'm pretty good at reading a book and figuring stuff out on my own. (I never listened in Math class, for instance. I just read the book and did the homework)
I used A14 in School's the one I learned on.
It's easy to a point but then you have to get keen.

Originally Posted by MrQ1701 View Post
Is the little color picture of the shuttles for size comparison? I'm assuming that is the case.
yeah. I drew the shuttle in the shuttle in the bay off that picture so It does show the size of the ship.

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