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I live at my Dad's, only partly because he is legally blind, but also because I have no job, no money, and no way to get either...if you can't drive a car to go where you need to, life is ****. so, my typical day is this...get up about 7:30 am, take Dad and his car around the corner and down the street a little ways, pick up the friend that drives him around nowadays, and then they drop me back off at the house. The rest of the day is housework, websurfing, reading, and sleeping, until 8:00 pm or so...then my boyfriend calls me on the cell phone, we both go to myspace, and play online poker there till 11:00pm. next is bedtime....and that is pretty much all I do, since I have no way to drive myself to work, I can't get anyone to hire me.

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