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Default Two Steps From Hell

Hey folks,

I was going through my collection of music by Two Steps From Hell, and I was reminded of how their music is so hard to come by. They are a professional group of composers that make music for trailers and other things related to motion pictures. The only way to get their music is to hope that someone in the industry is kind enough to share a copy they obtained.

TSFH's music for Star Trek's "Trailer #2" (Down with the Enterprise), and especially "Trailer #3" (Freedom Fighters), are absolutely inspired and beautiful pieces, and it's a real shame that there is no "commercial" outlet for end users like us to buy.

Am I alone here? Does anyone else here appreciate this awesome talent? What could be the reasoning behind not making this music readily available? I guess at times, the process of hunting down their music can be a "thrill of the hunt" type of feeling, but I'd much rather go to the store or an online shop and purchase a CD with the knowledge that the music is of the best quality.

Anyone care to share?

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