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I was also considered a 'geek; 'nerd'; 'wierd'; and other less flattering things...I could always ace my tests and exams without studying, and got away with NOT doing homework, because I could prove I knew the material. I brought Trek books to school as soon as second grade, so my teachers would just make my assignments out of reports for english, and so on. When I hit high school, my Science teachers would always ask me how I managed to know what they were teaching, when they never saw me look in a textbook during class. I'd tell them "Science Fiction, with a good dose of intelligence."

Kids, of course, thought this was the perfect reason to tease me..."My, aint she a smart one! When are you gonna win a nobel prize?" "Hey, nerd, you better let me read your class notes, or I'm gonna stomp you after school!"

I was always walking, eating, etc. with my nose in a book, and it was almost always Sci-Fi; Star Trek, if Mom got me a new one. After the first year in high school, when the kids saw that it really did not bother me to be called those names, they gave up, and started being friends. My family had always told me that no matter what anyone else said about me, as long as I knew it wasn't true, I should just ignore it, so that is what I did.

Turns out that most of the kids who thought I was one of the outsiders, and therefore fair game, found out differently if they ran into my the end of my first year in high school, no one had the guts to pick on me, or try to put me down behind my back...if one of my friends did not straighten them out, one of teachers would.

And it wasn't that my friends or teachers even liked Star Trek; yet they figured if I could be that cool, calm and collected under that kind of pressure, then there might be something to this Star Trek...I wasn't always talking about it to the point of boring prople, but if Star Trek came up in conversation, I always jumped in and told them what it was about, and how it's ideals had impacted the way I looked at the world.

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