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Originally Posted by Zardoz View Post
That alien dude reminded me of an Asian Neo (from the Matrix Films) it was one of the best for SFX and overall story.

What I am vauge on, were the stories from Godzilla 1985-Destroyah Series 2, or 3? I know from Godzilla 2000-Final Wars is a new series of films. (I am using the name Godzilla for our freinds you may not be familair with Gojira, his/her real name.)
The first series, also referred to as the "Showa" series ran from 54 through 75; the second series, also referred to as the "Hesie" series ran from 84 through 95; which of course leaves the third series or "Millenium" series which of course ended with Final Wars.
After which, Toho decided to "retire" Godzilla for a few years before attempting a new series.
I know waaaay too much about this ****.
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