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Originally Posted by Vincent Cain View Post
Have that one; while entertaining, pretty much all meaning to the creature is dropped, as it is a "new" Godzilla that appears in the film, and instead of filming the monsters at a slower speed to give the illusion of size and mass, the director actually sped up some of the footage to make it seem more "fierce".
The end result is a mixed bag, and not one of my favourites.

What I really got a kick out of in Final Wars was not only the world tour of destruction, but the main alien villain....dear gods he was a riot, especially in the subtitled was all worth it to see the true Big G take out the Tristar version in 30 seconds...just pure brilliance.
That alien dude reminded me of an Asian Neo (from the Matrix Films) it was one of the best for SFX and overall story.

What I am vauge on, were the stories from Godzilla 1985-Destroyah Series 2, or 3? I know from Godzilla 2000-Final Wars is a new series of films. (I am using the name Godzilla for our freinds you may not be familair with Gojira, his/her real name.)
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