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It's probably too late for that. In some movies the solution to such huge monsters that are wreaking havok is a nuclear strike. I suppose with modern action movies like Transformers and such (ID4 excepted etc) the issue would just be avoided. But if you want to make it a period piece in the 50's for instance then you would have to remember that nuclear weapons were considered a viable option. Maybe even a first option by some.

Since this is a Trek forum, quite a few people didnt like Cloverfield but I did because it was so different. I tend to like unusual movies if they are well done. Godzilla was one inspiration for the monster and the solution was to nuke it. Of course it didnt have a happy ending but the solution was there. If you have a movie with multiple monsters then small tactical nukes would be even more likely.

But like we have seen in all of Trek, things like that are sometimes avoided. And a few fans consider them plot holes.
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