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1.) Not my TV, it's Dad' it is set for his liking...which means I get a headache.
2.) the HD TV is in the living room, not either bedroom...the living room is too cold for me, because Dad actually thinks air conditioning is a good idea.
3,) even with the 19" TV in my room, the digital cable signal looks awful...ergo, I no longer watch TV, unless it is a Nascar race or Football game...those I only listen to, anyway...while reading a book.
4.0 The reason I unplug the TV is so that no-one can watch a program, so that they will help me get the house ready for a storm. otherwise, they will sit there and continue to watch whatever they want, instead of helping me make sure that all the loose stuff in the yard gets put up. Also, the power always goes out, so the Radios are hand cranked, plus battery.

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