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Originally Posted by spokthecool View Post
I help the elderly once a week at a nursing home i find that it makes me very happy to help older people. They need all the help they can get I always want to help in the community because it also brings joy I like helping othets instead of myself i put others before me. Other kids at school make fun of me because of it i find it very hard not to say something mean back what do i do? i feel like i want to punch them but i cant do that what should i do?
Listen to Zardoz, he has some great advice. You should by no means pay attention to what they're saying. You're doing the right thing, and it's terrible for them to put you down for it. Punching them won't solve anything though, and you'll be the one in trouble if you do. Maybe you should talk to someone you trust, either a parent or a teacher at school.

Hang in there whatever happens!
Good and bad men are each less so than they seem.
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