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Default Nature at work

We decided to take some sand out. They didn't mind.

Now the fun begins. This is like watching the nature channel.

Casper molted. And even though I read the damn pamphlet, I still went, "Ah crap! One of them died!" I saw something buried and when I went over it with my finger, I recoiled.

I noticed the shell, and it had something in it. It looked like a curlled up crab but seemed rather translucent. Looked it up. Yep. He molted and crawled right back in.

Here's where nature starts kicking. We had to separate them, because when they've just molted they go through a period of vulnerability, and the other crab will target them for food. We noticed that C. S. Lewis decided to dig up the husk and start eating it (something the just molted crab usually does). So we put Casper in a smaller container, still in the tank, but separated from C. S. Lewis. Lewis! Oh, the sneaky bastard. He is building a sand hill up to the container to get to Casper!
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