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Lol - BSG is Battlestar Galactica, which was recently re-made. The concept was the same (big bad cylons pursuing rag tag fugitive fleet searching for Earth) but none of the stories bore much relation to the original (no ovions, no Count Iblis, no Imperious Leader etc)

B5 on the other hand hsa the concept of the Space Station in neutral territory as the hub for a lot of intrigue. Simple enough, but what made the show was the actual story - in fact it is credited as the first show to plot out the story in advance over multiple seasons. If they re-booted after such a short space of time where would they go with the story? Simply re-telling it with tighter plotting, more padding, superior effects? The original just needed tweaking to make it perfect as it was.

My biggest criticism is that JMS can't write well for the humans - the oratory sounds fine coming from an alien mouth or as part of a public speech but they come out with the same trash while having coffee and it just looks totally false.
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