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Originally Posted by FranCat View Post
Sorry, but the first thing that gets unplugged when I think trouble of any kind is coming, is the ******* TV! In an Emergency, use a Radio! I lived through fifteen BAD hurricanes during the eight years I lived without a TV....and even for the one mandatory evac, I stayed put, because my Grandma could not be moved. there are others ways to get word out during an Emergency, than TV. I also live in an area where no-one over the age of seventy lives alone...we have very close families, here.
As long as your radio is battery operated, that's a concept. If not, they are the same problem. Of course, you appear to live in a place with weather emergencies. Me, I live in a place with fire is not more of a danger to plugged in devices than battery operated devices.

Originally Posted by Zardoz View Post
Again Eliza, so well said!
Thank you sir!

Originally Posted by DS9TREK View Post
It was money. They're selling off most of the spare frequencies just like in every other country. The US government will be making billions...
No, was pressure from the emergency responders that made them mandate it. That and the fact they all loved how cool NASCAR looks in HD.

Originally Posted by Samuel View Post
And in return we get digital tv. Its going to take time to work everything out but in the long run we will be better off for it. The baseball games on HD OTA channels are beautiful. Actually better than cable/sat.
HD is beautiful isn't it? Baseball does look lovely. Golf looks amazing! However, it should be noted that not all digital is HD.

Originally Posted by FranCat View Post
That may be, and great if you watch that, but it will not improve my football games or my car races...I find that these new TV have too good of a picture...I had to quit watching CSI because I was getting headaches...too much info on the screen at one time, for me.

I only use a TV to watch a DVD, now.
Oh, I think HD improves football immeasurably. I suggest you look into the settings on your set. Pick something less "vivid" (that's actually a setting in the color controls for my big TV "vivid"..."standard" and "cool" are other options).

Originally Posted by Samuel View Post
Thats an interesting point and I do have to watch out for things like that also. CSI isnt so bad but the opening battle scenes in RotS was more than I could take.

Depending on your TV you can do things like turn mpeg filtering way up that should help blur things a little. Of course that defeats the whole purpose of HD.

Oh and light saber battles are the absolute worst for me. Especially the one with... Grevious is his name I think.
See what I posted above...the default settings on most TVs seem to be "brightest and most vivid"...your situation might benefit from less contrast, lower brightness...things like that.

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