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Originally Posted by KJTrek View Post
Could you elaborate? I know that with Live Mail it's easy to change the color of the window, but I have a feeling that's not what you're talking about.
no, my problem is that just when I get my computer screen to look just the way I want, then I have to set all of my programs so that they do not override my style and color choices...and I hate the styling on the Microsoft products...sure, I can change the basic colors, but I cannot change the layout or proportions, and I just don't like them. With Firefox, I can put toolbars and such anywhere on the screen I want. (well, almost anywhere) Also, I just never found an e-mail service that I wanted to even see a second time. Yahoo, however, was the first one I tried that I felt as if I could navigate my way around in, so I stick with it, and ignore those 'built ins' whenever I can.

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