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Default Songs Zardoz Likes

Ok...I've been asked alot on here...since I like so many kinds of tunes, her's a minor sampling.

Wynonna-I wanna know what love is (ok if I wasn't happily married to a hottie, I'd show her what love is....waa ha ha!!)

Metallica-I Disappear-Ok, not one of their best, I Grant. But the lyrics are great, and the video..I've been in most of those the part with Lars at the's something I'd do.

Bod Dylan-Subterainin Homesick Blues-Dylan in the first ever concived promotional clip. At his best!

Led Zeppelin-No Quarter-One of my persona favs of the Zep!

Soundgarden-Black Hole Sun-It is's how my brain works..really!

The Beatles-Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds-It is so Dali-esque!

The Rutles-Shangrila-Yes, they are a Beatles parody, but if you actually listen to the lyrics, it's a pretty mean song. The visuals are pretty fun too.

Ozzy-Crazy Train-With Randy Rhodes on gutair, still rocks!! I used to play this song alot in my band days.

Heart-Crazy On You-Got to play this with them recently. This was the clip they had me look at to learn it!

Peter Frampton-Do You Feel Like We Do-Ok, it's corney now, but was so cool back in the 70's!! One of the first songs I learned to play, still play it. Got to see Frampton about a year ago live, he still sounds the same!!

Motley Crue-Piece Of Your Action-One of their best, ever, that simple. The intro to the song on this clip is a little long, but when the song starts WHAM!

Spinal Tap-He*l Hole-This song still makes me laugh, one of the best rock parodies ever!
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