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Outstanding Comedy Series: 30 Rock will probably win, but I'd prefer Entourage. (why does Two and a Half Men keep getting nominated?)

Outstanding Drama Series: Not a huge fan of any of those nominees but Damages if pressed.

Outstanding Lead Actor in a Comedy: Alec Baldwin

Outstanding Lead Actress in a Comedy: Tina Fey (pickings are pretty poor this year)

Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama: Well for some reason the Emmy's love James Spader and it's the shows final season so he's probably favourite. Not fussed over the rest anyway. I mean, where's Edward James Olmos?

Outstanding Lead Actress in a Drama: Well Field and Close have one each. Probably will be between them again this year, but I like Holly Hunter - don't know much about her show though.

And anyway - Mary McDonnell? WTF? Is there a better actress on a recent TV show? I think not.

Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Comedy: I know he already has two but I want Jeremy Piven to get a triple.

Outsanding Supporting Actor in a Drama: Honestly don't care, none of them appeal.

Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Comedy: Jean Smart (again, I know, but)

Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Drama: Again, don't care but Rachel Griffiths is better than the material Brothers and Sisters gives her, she may as well come out with some hardware.

The rest don't really bother me so much. Except Laura Linney for Best Actress in a mini-series/movie for TV. Give that to her now!
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