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Default Primetime Emmys-Who Should Get One? (full list of nominees).

Among the nominees this year;
  • J.J. Abrams, exec. producer for LOST in the Best Drama category,
  • William Shatner, Denny Crane in the Best Supporting Actor in a Drama Series
  • Ridley/Tony Scott, exec. producers on THE ANDROMEDA STRAIN in the category of Outstanding Mini-series
  • Michael Angeli, writer on BATTLESTAR GALACTICA, in the category of Outstanding writing for a Drama Series.
We know every year sci-fi gets over looked and takes a backseat to the popular Drama series out there, but let's hope it gets some recognition this year.

I don't watch that much regular television to say who should or should not win, but i hope the folks as SNL get some recognition for the good comedy they put out last year. Some of the best political comedy i've seen.
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