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Originally Posted by DammitJim View Post
can you explain trouble with which actors?


I know WB wanted to replace Michael O'Hare with a more well known TV actor and JMS was forced to consent in order to get a second season. is this what you mean.

I think B5's big flaw was JMS being forced to rush the war with Earth to its conclusion in season 4 (again WB). he meant for it to carry on in seaon 5. instead we got the awful tracey scoggins - seriously wtf????

Tamlin Tomita was meant to be in season one but couldn't make it. Ivanova was going to appear as a regular and then get promoted at the end when Tomita left. The minbari were originally going to be androgynous. Caitlin Brown had to quit because of problems with the make-up and Andrea Thompson left because she was getting offers of work that she had to turn down due to her contract even though she only appeared in a few episodes each season. The biggest blow was Ivanova due to a lack of communication between agents as far as I could tell. Tracy Scoggins' character is just so bland compared to her.

Sinclair's departure was ok but I would have liked him to appear more often then he did afterwards. I was more annoyed that his girlfriend, who was quite interesting, was cast aside as if she had no purpose without his character. She should have been given one or two guest slots even after he departed.

And yeah, the refusal to commit to season 5 until after season 4 was over meant that the final episodes of season 4 were jam packed while season 5 started off at a snail's pace trying to build momentum from a standing start. The dismantling of the triumvirate in season 5 also diffused the core characters and weakened the franchise a bit.

If his original vision had paid off it really would have been a masterpiece.
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