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I can't live without my NFL football or NASCAR racing, so if Cable is not available, I don't bother to watch TV...I get all of my news off of the internet, now, anyway...I have better things to do than stare at that boob tube all dam talk to you guys...LOL

But I do think the government was stupid to make this switch mandatory...and now, all my news sites have at least three articles about how "Some households are getting left behind," even though everyone had plenty of warning about the switch,"households that consist of elderly people, or people younger than 35, still seem to be having trouble hooking up the equipment, if they have it, or they haven't gotten the equipment, because they cannot afford it." So now all of these agencies that look out for older people, are volunteering to buy and install the equipment, so "These poor, unfortunate, people will still be able to get at least the local stations."

It's almost as if the government thinks that a person will die if they cannot watch TV....I even had a phone call from a group here in town, trying to tell me that they had people going door to door, making sure that everyone here was ready...just for fun, I asked them what they would do if I told them to stay off of my Dad's property, and not come by, and the woman on the phone said "Oh, each one of us will have a police officer with us, to make sure that everything goes smoothly." I told her she better have a warrant, too...or I would ask that officer to arrest her...she hung up, after calling me a few unkind things.

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